Austin Performance Shops

Elite Racing Performance

Performance shop brought to you by Elite Motorsports. Servicing, tuning, prepping Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, etc.


Perhaps the most established exotic shop in Austin, I have seen many Moorespeed plate holders around Austin.


American Racing Technology is an exotic/performance shop, they specialize in American cars, with advanced programs for Dodge Viper and Ford GT. This shop produced the world’s fastest Viper, seen here, and the ACR Viper, I am riding in here.

Boost Logic

From what I hear this is a serious tuning shop, specialized in forced induction.

COBB Tuning

I’m sure you have heard of COBB, they are not an exotic shop, but if you have a Scooby or any other Japanese import, they can help you out.

MZM Performance

Japanese focused shop, looking at their customer’s cars they appear to do good work.


Primarily known for their Engine Management Systems, UpRev has a full shop in Austin for tuning your Japanese import.

Colvin Automotive

A performance shop capable of modifying any type of car.


Suspension and tire specialist.